We Like Helping the 'Little Guy'

MochaBay isn't a 'big-box' design firm - we offer you more & charge you less . . .

Our specialty is consulting with Small Business and Service Companies to explore best options for their website and marketing strategies.



Our Concept

Simple, Clean, Uncluttered web design. Allow your site visitors to focus on your products and/or services - not be overwhelmed by the design.


Our Expertise

Mochabay is a professional website design studio, building custom websites since the late 1990's when the internet was still relatively new.

We love working with self-employed entrepreneurs, and professionals who are small, independent, creative, and unique. If you appreciate quality but are too small for big firms to be interested, you're just the right size for our expertise and solutions.

Unlike many other web companies, we've cultivated a team of experts with skills honed in their respective technical field. Whether you need hosting, custom programming, a blog, graphic design, PPC, e-commerce, a database, a [CMS] content management system, SEO [search engine optimization] or a website design - we have a Specialist who focuses in that area.


Our Methods

We don't have the overhead of the big-box design firms - we always offer you more and charge you less.

While we enjoy meeting with our local Seattle Tacoma clients, we're able to work seamlessly with anyone, in any location. Whether you're in St. Kitts or Brooklyn - your project will receive the same priority, and command the same attention as our local clients.

Our preference is to create flexible, user-friendly, clean and uncluttered websites so your product and message comes through clearly. We focus on usability so your customers enjoy their experience and find what they need. We do understand how committed some clients are to 'their vision' of what their site should look like, so while our role is to make recommendations & suggestions, we do defer to our client specific design requests.

Generous discounts extended to woman-owned businesses and non-profit organizations on projects of full site design with Hosting.


Our Philosophy

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • No cookie-cutters here
  • We meet your deadlines
  • Our clients are our #1 priority

Our Services

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Wordpress, new sites & maintenance
  • E-commerce strategies, programming and installation
  • Branding and/or new/small business consultation
  • PPC PPS Adword Campaigns (pay per click & pay per search)
  • Site performance and Competitor Analysis
  • Monthly and/or annual website maintenance, monitoring and consulting

Above is just a sampling of services we offer. Tell us what you want. Whether it be a new wordpress site, a re-design of an existing site that's stuck in the 90's, or a consultation for how to best spend your advertising dollars to boost product sales. If we feel your need is outside our scope of service, we'll refer you to a qualified provider.


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